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cgla executive director

Duties of the CGLA Executive Director

  1. Continue to support the CGLA vision and grow the program to support all participants.
  2. Facilitate all league communication with guidance and help from the president and secretary.
  3. Generate communication and interpretation of the US Lacrosse rules, CGLA by-laws and rules yearly. Provide yearly updates with help of the president.
  4. Update CGLA calendar and website to make sure it reflects all current and accurate information.
  5. Schedule and facilitate CGLA Board meetings, coaches meetings and (2) free player clinics held in February at rotating sites: Boulder/Ft. Collins, Colorado Springs, All City Stadium (Outreach into the DPS community) as funds allow.
  6. Organize a coaches' clinic at the beginning of the season at the mandatory meeting in February. Work with US Lacrosse and CLF to secure and host Level 1 and 2 US Lacrosse coach's education training clinics. Work with PCA to bring sportsmanship clinics to the Colorado lacrosse community.
  7. Provide support and advice to "start up" programs new to the league.
  8. Respond to complaints, rule violations and other issues with the help of the President.
  9. Oversee game and referee scheduling.
  10. Produce, collect and file official team rosters with birth-date, school, grade, email and phone number and coaches conduct pledge from all clubs.
  11. Coordinate with CWLOA the youth officials program to include recruiting, training and scheduling.
  12. Be a resource for coaches for rules, instructional information, support, etc...
  13. Establish and facilitate the All-Star program for 6 th graders held from mid May until the June games in Vail.
  14. Organize and facilitate the Spring Fling and Festival.
  15. Provide youth girls' representation to the Colorado Chapter Board.
  16. Oversee the maintenance of an accurate Association database/contact list.working closely with the secretary.
  17. Work closely with the treasurer to make sure that all bills are paid. Sign checks for officials, oversee state tax filings...etc to assist the treasurer when needed. 
  18. Co-ordinate, create and facilitate all special events for the league.
  19. Work closely with the Vice-President on clothing options and fundraising projects.
  20. Attend the National US Lacrosse Convention in January. Represent the CGLA and bring new material back to the organization.