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Game Checklist (updated Feb 2018)                      


Youth Lacrosse Scorer’s/Timer’s Table Responsibilities

The home team is responsible for providing a table, chair, flip chart, clock, game checklist and corner flags or cones.  Flags mark the field corners and cones mark the substitution area.  A temporary substance like flour or  may be used to mark crease and 8M on the modified field size for U9/U10 (check rulebook for dimensions).

Each team must designate a sideline manager

Sideline Manager Instructions: Trifold (pdf)
Sideline manager job description (pdf)
View Sportsmanship Card (pdf)
Sportsmanship Card Order Form (pdf)



  • Blank notebook at field so scorer can record goals and cards.

  • Keep a record of all goals and time outs.

  • Continuously display an accurate score using a flip chart.

  • Record all cards. For a yellow card, include the time on the game clock when the card was issued. Players receiving a yellow card must sit out 2 minutes elapsed playing time. These 2 minutes can be timed on a separate stop watch.

  • Notify both benches when a 2 minute penalty has elapsed and the penalty is released.

  • Notify the umpire immediately when a second card has been given to the same player.

  • Scorer needs to notify officials when a 4 goal differential exists: no draw; possession to team behind unless they waive possession then normal draw.

  • Make sure the substitution area is marked in front of the scorer’s table.

  • Notify the umpire when a team receives its 4th card (any combination of yellow and red). Team will play down for the remainder of the game.

  • Limit of 3 coaches in the coaching area.


  • When a player receives 2 yellow cards, the player is suspended from that game. The team will play short for the 4 minutes and after the 4 minutes has expired, another player may replace the carded player.

  • 12U Bronze, 10U and 8U- A player receiving a yellow card (2 minutes) or red card (4 minutes) must leave the field for elapsed playing time and a substitute will take her place.

  • When a player receives a RED card for a flagrant misconduct foul, the carded player is permanently removed from the game and is also NOT permitted to play in the next game. The name of the player is reported to the ED for CGLA: Lauren Benner- coloradogirlslacrosse@gmail.com. The team will play short for 4 minutes and when the time has expired can replace the red carded player with a new player.


  • During the last 2 minutes of each half, stop and start the clock on every whistle (inside the 2 minutes). Do not stop the clock in the last 2 minutes if there is a 10 goal differential. This rule is for U12 Sillver/Gold and 14U. Keep the clock running for 8U, 10U and 12U Bronze during the last 2 minutes.

  • Notify the umpire when there are 2 minutes remaining in each half.

  • Indicate to the nearest umpire when there are 30 seconds remaining. COUNT OUT LOUD the last 10 seconds of each half, INCLUDING ZERO.

  • Only stop the clock for any other reason upon the time-out signal and whistle from the umpire. (Injury, card, etc.)

  • Time the 2-minute penalty for a yellow card (extra stop watch or phone timer is most efficient), and then indicate to the scorer and coach when the player may return to the game.

  • Timer is responsible for releasing all cards when the time has lapsed.

  • Each team is permitted to have TWO time outs per game. Mark this on the score sheet or scorebook to keep track. Time outs are 2 minutes in duration and may now be called by any coach or player at any time the requestor’s team is in clear possession of the ball and not just after goals or dead balls.



WEATHER related cancellation policy:

  • Check the weather the night before the game. If the weather looks questionable, call the opposing coach and make a plan. Please keep a copy of the coach’s directory in your car, backpack or on your phone.

  • HOME field team must check the field and make the decision to play or cancel. Calls, texts or emails are then made to the opposing coach and then the officials.

  • If the official shows up for the game and was not called, he/she will be paid for their time.

  • To re-schedule the game, speak to your admin, call the other coach and decide on the date and time, please stay away from weekdays until the first week of May. Sundays are great make up days. Contact Cody Aidala at cjaidala@gmail.com to put sinc rescheduled game with League Athletics. Contact Cyndy Y-S and Michelle Gazarik at cglaofficials@gmail.com to make sure there are umpires available. Then reconfirm with the opposing coach that all arrangements have been made.

  • Once a game has begun, it is the officials decision (not the coach) to suspend play if there is lightning or adverse weather conditions.