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CGLA Division Structure for 2019 (NEW)
Proposed divisions are now based on grade specific levels, using graduation years as classifications.
USL Class Varificaiton Grade Level Graduation Year Proposed Divisions Proposed Field Size
U14 8th Grade 2023 Gold/ Silver/ Bronze Full Field (12 v 12)
  7th Grade 2024 Gold/ Silver/ Bronze  
U12 6th Grade 2025 Gold/ Silver/ Bronze Full Field (12 v 12); Half Field (7 v 7)
  5th Grade 2026 Gold/ Silver/ Bronze  
U10 4th Grade 2027 Gold/Silver Half Field (7 v 7)
  3rd Grade 2028 Gold/Silver  
U8 2nd Grade 2029 Gold/Silver Modified Field (4 v 4)
  1st Grade 2030 Gold/Silver  
Note: Parents, should be discussing with their Club Admin of what division is best for their player(s).
Cost Per Team Based on Field Size 
Field Size # of players on the field Team Cost
Full Field 12 v 12 (w/ goalie) $800.00
Half Size 7 v 7 (w/ goalie) $615.00
Modified  4 v 4 (no goalie) $425.00
**MOUNTAIN CLUBS will pay half of the Age Division fee to participate.**