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The Colorado Lacrosse Foundation Grant Program offers grants to individuals and groups, up to $500 in efforts to grow the sport of lacrosse here in Colorado. Their focus on youth development allows for a great oppurtunity for you to apply if you are in need of financial assistance. 

Below is information directly from their website. You can get more information and apply here



Any lacrosse organization within Colorado and whose participants support US Lacrosse, Inc. (USL) or
Any individual within Colorado who is a member of USL.


Requested amounts can be between $50 and $500

For Whom  

The requested funds can be used for any level from youth through adult. All applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for matching funds from additional sources.

How to Apply    

Follow the link below to complete the application. Describe how much money is needed, how the funds will be used, how much money the team or individual has already raised for the project, amount expected to be raised, and how it was raised. How will this benefit CLF or the Colorado Lacrosse Community.


The proposal will be discussed before the CLF finance committee. A majority vote will determine accept or decline. Individuals submitting the proposals may be asked to supply further details or make a presentation at the deciding meeting. Upon submission, you will receive notification and an expected review date.

If the proposal is accepted, the team or individual must send a follow-up letter within one month of receiving the funds. This is to be submitted to the CLF to verify allocation of the funds.