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CGLA Guidelines    


  • Executive Director/President/Secretary will train CGLA admins from new clubs (plus old club refresher as needed) on how to use the website for registering teams. Check the Calendar of Events under the HOME tab for details.
  • Procedure will be in place for cancellations and re-schedules (weather related ONLY). Details posted on the TEAM tab, under Club Admin Forms, Game Checklist- at the bottom is the weather related cancellation policy. Forfeits are not permitted.
  • Check the Calendar of Events on the HOME tab for the registration timeline, meeting and training dates. 
  • Make Up Game Procedures:
    • Talk to your admin first for best reschedule date (home team only).  Confirm with other team.
    • A week's notice is required.
    • Email Cyndy and Michelle to make sure officials are available.  ( glaofficials@gmail.com)
    • Email Cody with changes for the schedule/website.   ( )
    • Look to reschedule later in May as more adult refs are available.
    • Contact Lauren if problems arise.
    • Weather make up dates: April 22 and 29 at Lorenz Park.  Use these dates if you need a field.


Education Requirements

  • Each team must have a minimum of one coach attend the mandatory CGLA coaches training. Attendance will be taken.  Coaches are excused from the CGLA training if have taken USL Level 1 or Level 2 on field training in the prior year; or attended the USL Convention in the past 2 years. Training attendance is encouraged every year.
  • If attendance at an on-field Level 1/Level 2 training is not possible, then the online course must be taken before the season and will serve as training in addition to a rules clarification session. Documentation of all USL training must be kept on file with the club administrator. 
  • Training documents must be sent by e-mail to the ED before the first game.  
  • Concussion training/test completed by each coach and certificate filed with Club admin.  www.cdc.gov/concussion/headsup/online_training.html
  • Attend a PCA clinic, Level 1 and 2 – every 3 years.
  • US Lacrosse handbook (US Lacrosse website) distribute to parents/ PCA information at club parent meeting

Consequences of Misbehavior (one strike each)

  • Red card- sit out the next game (automatic one strike). Red card to the coach is reported to E.D. by the club or game official issuing the card. This information is to be documented by the club.
  • If there is coach/parent/player misbehavior or misconduct, the official will talk to the Referee Coordinator, who will speak to the club admin before speaking to the E.D. or President. The E.D. will then investigate. Warning letter or phone call will be made to the club admin and party involved, and a copy of the letter will be sent to the club or person who placed the misbehavior call. (One strike if the complaint was found to be valid.)
  • Three strike rule – Conference with Club admin and E.D., the coach may be removed from CGLA participation after three strikes.
  • Meetings – Admins must attend scheduled Board meetings and are responsible for passing along important information. A proxy representative can attend the meeting with notification to E.D. and President.

Team Sideline Manager – Program still in effect. 

  • US Lacrosse Sportsmanship program.
  • Support the program and understand the purpose.
  • Provide one adult from each team to assume this role at each game.
  • Information is on the CGLA and US lacrosse website
  • Clubs will be responsible for implementation and required materials to make the program work. Best to keep 2 sideline manager tags at the scorer’s table for distribution for game.  This tag is to be returned to the table after the game.

Parents (recommended for each club to provide):

  • Parent meeting organized by club or coach. Explanation of rules to all players and parents at this time is wise. Parents are also welcome at the CGLA mandatory coaches training.
  • PCA Ambassador will provide a parent night checklist and parent pledge. Available on the CGLA website under admin forms.
  • Consequences- Poor behavior on the sideline or anywhere on the field/playing area brings into play the 3 strike rule for the coach, whole team, club and other fans.
  • HONOR the GAME