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October 1, 2016

To: CGLA Member Organizations, Program Administrators, Coaches, and Parents

From: CGLA Executive Board

Re: CGLA Mission, Purpose, and Spirit of the Game; Position Statement on Player Participation


The Colorado Girls Lacrosse Association is a youth sports member organization of US Lacrosse. The purpose and mission of CGLA is to promote and provide positive opportunities for youth girl’s lacrosse in communities throughout Colorado. As stated within the By-Laws of CGLA, the purpose of CGLA is “to provide elementary and middle school girls in Colorado with the fundamental skills required to play lacrosse and to promote the spirit and sportsmanship of the game of lacrosse,” and “to create a collaborative partnership between the various constituencies of the Association, governing Board, member Clubs, coaches, referees, parents, and girls, so the Association maintains an atmosphere of learning, enjoyment, and good sportsmanship, and that all in the Association conduct themselves in a manner that reinforces high behavioral standards.”

Recently, CGLA and its member organizations has experienced large amounts of growth, and at this time, the CGLA Executive Board feels it is timely and appropriate to remind all of our constituents that the mission and purpose of CGLA is to “promote girls' youth lacrosse in an environment that emphasizes fun, teamwork, promotes good sportsmanship, develops  skills, and a life long love of the game.”

 We believe it is inherently important that the adults (CGLA Board, Program Admins, Coaches, and Parents) model for each other and their players the values of the CGLA Mission. At its core, CGLA is an open organization that has created a collaborative environment where its clubs operate geographically, to foster the community spirit of lacrosse, to provide opportunities for all girls to play in their home communities and compete in a similar format to participation in CHSAA high school programs. While CGLA does provide more competitive avenues at older ages with silver and gold divisions, the purpose of CGLA member organizations is to work collaboratively with one another to provide geographically and socially appropriate opportunities to play, where players are able to practice and play in their home communities in an atmosphere where all players are welcome at any ability level and where coaches work together across clubs to ensure that all players are participating in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. CGLA does not philosophically support teams that operate outside of the constructs of the CGLA by-laws and mission. 

Additionally, the CGLA Board holds the following position statement regarding a player’s movement between clubs:

  1. While there are no by-laws within CGLA specifically addressing where or with which club players MUST participate with, the CGLA board does believe that players and parents have a moral and behavioral obligation to play within the established geographical areas of residence for the member clubs and that changing clubs should be with good moral and behavioral reasons, which include but are not limited to:
    1. Family relocation/move which requires a geographical change of team
    2. club does not offer an age appropriate team
    3. CGLA believes that it is in the best interest of players and parents to have their child play within a two-year window of the player’s age 
    4. CGLA believes that advanced skill does not outweigh the developmental appropriateness of participating and playing with players of one’s own age-group
    5. Genuine and documented family/player conflict of interest with club/coach
  2. Elite Club Team coaches who are also involved with CGLA member Clubs should not recruit, interfere with, or create (intentionally or unintentionally) conflicts of interest regarding players, parents, and local clubs


Please be aware of this position as we prepare for the 2017 season. Thank you for your time, understanding, and support of the organization and the Executive Board. 


CGLA Executive Board

Memo Author: Meredith Miller, Co-Vice-President and Positive Coaching Alliance Board Representative