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2021 CGLA Spring Season

Spring 2021 CGLA Season


CGLA will offer multiple play days for member & outside clubs. Each date will feature multiple games per team to make the most of the season, while not over-committing to every weekend of the Spring calendar.

CGLA is committed to supporting the game of lacrosse in Colorado and sustaining growth in the Colorado Springs region. CGLA is open to and and all interested programs looking for opportunities to collabortively schedule games; if you are interested in arranging a CGLA play-date, please contact Eric at


Dates of Play:

April 17th @ Pueblo

May 1st @ Pueblo

May 8th @ El Pomar

May 16th @ TBD

May 22nd @ UCCS | CGLA 2021 Festival

by posted 04/01/2021
2020 Fall Season Complete

Thank you to all who made the 2020 Fall season posible. 

In the face of the largest challenge ever faced by youth sports in the modern era, CGLA find a way to still provide lacrosse to the future generation of women's lacrosse players. 

COVID has been constraining to our daily lives and we continue to grapple with the challenges of this pandemic. When CGLA was planning for the 2020 season, we could have never anticipated what unfolded for the Spring and Fall seasons. We owe the 2020 success to our individual programs.

CGLA was able to complete three of four established single-site, multi-game play days, and thanks to our members, we finished nearly 80% of all scheduled games; most programs in the state never took on the challenge to play lacrosse this year. This type of dedication and energy will be what advances not only the future of CGLA, but the future of women’s lacrosse in Colorado and beyond. 

by posted 11/18/2020
Welcome to CGLA

Welcome to CGLA!  
Our mission is to promote girl's youth lacrosse in an environment that emphasizes fun, teamwork, good sportsmanship, develops skills, and a life long love of the game.

To find a club in your area please select "CGLA Teams by Area" to the left.

by posted 02/19/2018
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