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CGLA Board Meeting, September 12, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Stapleton MCA Center

  1. Minutes Approved
  2. Executive Board Member Positions
    1. Add Justine Siverstien to potential treasure
  3. Sponsorships
    1. Make a link for inquires
    2. HS need to pay for camps that are not free
  4. CGLA Website
  5. Financial Recap
    1. No one can open registration for spring till after November meeting
    2. Agreement to try combining Jambore and championship.  ( push elite clubs out)
  6. Officials
    1. Combining home fields for gold level to allow for higher level officials to work
    2. Live link on website to CWLA.com with what is required to be an official
    3. Fall opportunities for training for HS girls.
    4. 8th graders must have high gpa and all parents have to have a meeting with Michelle
    5. Add survey to where we record scores
    6. More double headers to keep officials around
    7. Need teams to hold scrimmage days to help more training for officials.
    8. Add notification to club coach of who is working their games
  7. CGLA Survey
  8. Learn To Play
    1. Getting HS involved
  9. Calendar
    1. March 10th parent/ youth clinic and spring fling
    2. November meeting discuss hard costs
    3. Add more cost to gold to pay for home fields
  10. New Business
    1. None
  11. STX
  12. Inclusion Policy






CGLA Board Meeting, June 8, 2017 at 7:00 PM

Goodson Recreation Center

  • Concern for cost of Festival- CYL owns contract and we sublet- Mike Stears will say here’s your part,
  • Sponsors- Harrow- only there for one day, printed a bunch of shirts but have extras (can we put that online?) and Skipper and Scout- Carrie (Iviva rep)
  • Frank- challenging year, maturity of HS girls was not there this year, scrambling to fill slots, parent behavior
    • Penalty shots in addition to cards for unruly bench/parents/coaches/players? Ultimately need to at least use more cards and make reports of this
    • Need to have a written rule as to what the repercussions are for unruly behavior- three strike process currently
    • Conference call for incidences like this instead of e-mails so hold people more accountable, call with official prior to this conversation to have a third-party reference point
    • Scott Goettleman has a ‘don’t be a jerk’ meeting prior to the season that is mandatory
    • Document that every coach has to sign and we can come back to that- docusign
    • Webinar for this meeting as alternative
  • Mike- less is more, US Lacrosse trying to change too much too fast
  • Secretary and Treasurer position open- Survey monkey for these positions along with a rules board; separate e-mail with just this information
  • Coaches training numbers were up- many club teams made it mandatory, feedback was that this year the training was more accessible, Level 1 training in the fall?- need about 15-20 coaches (full one includes PCA- 8 hr day)
  • CGLA Championships- called Dick’s on their nonsense about fields
    • Something to be learned about short games for wrong age groups
    • Lorene/Cornerstone/Aurora Sports Park/Dove Valley, just as many fields as Dick’s- plan further in advance for backup plan
  • Silent Saturday or Silent Second Half- used to calm parents down
    • When someone does yell, everyone hears it and it is obvious who is the potential problem
  • U8/U9- do we let clubs facilitate the coaching and in-house games for these age groups and then they start official CGLA games at U10
    • Or combine with two other clubs that are geographically close by and do group player development
  • Combine age groups
    • Bronze/Silver/Gold is more beneficial
    • Go to graduation years versus U whatever
    • Keeping it U whatever makes it is vaguer that is easier to shift players around to accommodate skill level and numbers
  • People not crazy about spreading games schedule around different geo areas
    • Take this past year’s records as assessment for next year’s placement
  • Officials
    • If club has 6 teams, they have to find and recruit 6 officials
    • $25/game- new junior official, $30/game- returning junior official, $40/game- adult
    • competition and incentive for clubs to recruit officials- fees waived, sponsored end of year party (equipment incentive from major sponsor?)
    • Another means to notify young officials when they have a game? Does Arbiter have text blasts? Have app but it costs money
    • Move away from Arbiter completely? (what do we pay to use Arbiter?)
    • Recruiting incentives for officials as well- bump up to another pay bracket if you recruit a certain number of other officials
  • Cody continuing with CGLA
  • Every elementary school has a field day so use that to teach lacrosse and PE grants



CGLA Board Meeting, November 3, 2016 at 7:00 PM

The Women’s College of the University of Denver

1)Min. from last week: Dicks Cost: $25,500 next year. Last year 20,038.64
Last week min approved.

2) Mackenzie Baker (Bryant University): Harrow Lacrosse Manager mackenzie.baker@harrowsports.com
Harrow has come out with new heads, goggles, stringing, uniforms and shaft design.
• Using older equipment to help out starting players.
• Booth at Lax Con
• Brand Ambassador Program – player or coach can submit resume and work off dashboard to be part-time sales rep. Possibly 6 territories in CO.
• Older stock is selling at discounted prices – order uniforms you can get bigger discounts.
• Starter packs for younger girls.
3) Scheduling Guidelines (Coady) *Green Sheet*
• January 1st Google form will be ready to fill out. Form must be completed
• Timeline- Registration will closed MARCH 5th (random waivers)
• March 6th Special Request (google form) must be completed by COACHES not admin
o Example of special request: Team also plays soccer (need am vs pm ) need a weekend off
• March 12th first draft of schedule will go out. Please look it over and get back to Coady complete by March 19th
• March 24th Schedule will go out and the dates will be locked in. (No changes can be made)
• April 8th start of schedule; 9:00 am is the earliest game; game will start every 75 min.
• Email Coady if you have questions or concerns.

4) Rattlers New Organization
• Questions &Concerns
o Rattlers are marketing the area Boulder Valley is in.
o Need specification on their targeted area. If its North West Denver it should be Thornton, Westminster, North Glenn but website says they are serving Broomfield and Boulder
o Which high school will they feed?
• Boulder Valley – feeds Centuarus that pulls from all Boulder Valley
• Holy Family is starting a boys HS team. Monarch HS (boys team) feeds from Broomfield.
• Adams County and West Minster may have filter in with Broomfield.
• Rattlers Boys – took players and hurt the Broomfield boys program.
• Agreement made that if they are benefiting a particular high school and it doesn’t affect players leaving Boulder Valley, there is no issue. However, we would like sit down with a map to find how we can grow the teams without impacting already established teams.
5) Welcome Danny from Pueblo – Pueblo Police Activity League.
• Currently supports tackle football in Pueblo. Pueblo Police Activity league is helping Heros Lacrosse.
• Danny is now president. Monica Potter, head coach at CSU Pueblo, is going to take over to help coach.

6) Executive Director
• Extension to help a last min applicant.
• They will shadow Kate.

7) Frank Bailey – New Rules: CGLA/ USL
• CGLA has voted on 6v6 plus a goalie for half field for ages U11 and down.
• Approve Head Gear – ASTM standards only. Cascade and Hummingbird.
• Rules U11 and Under – there is NOT a 1 pass rule. Bailey – enforce officials to not enforce 1 pass rule.
• Clear as of today USL does not have 1 pass rule. Refs are not responsible. A goal is a goal.

8) Coaches Training for the Spring
• Level 1 vets must go to rules training. CU Boulder in the past last year added full L1 US Lacrosse.
• This year add L2 Training and still do new L2. Build team skills, free flowing day, more individual learning and discussion with coaches.
• Hope to bring in L3. USL would prefer you to repeat something for continued ed. Possibly brining in new coaches to help train L2.
• Hope would be more than 12 coaches.
• Out of pocket $85.00 but Colorado Chapter could help to pay L1.
• New Coaches – Level 1 - 8 hours Level 1 light – 4 hours
 Motion: for a HIGHLY requested for a FULL 8-Hour Level 1 – APPROVED Sunday March 5th TBD Location (3d lacrosse offices?)
 Motion: for a HIGHLY requested for a Level 2 APPROVED March 5th two locations TBD

9) Colorado Chapter Website for Grants
• Visit: Coloradolacrosse.org “Grants” apply!
• Equipment from $50-$500 Dicks Sporting Goods $250-$500
• Apply before November 25th discuss and award Diversity and Exclusion Grant – could be a couple thousand dollars. Could be for special needs, urban, or just in need. State and National Level. Apply!!

• Program leaders: grants and programs
10) Club Admin Training: January 5th
• Mandatory for new admins.
• Location: Stapleton
11) Seeking help for new website!
• Need user friendly for families.
• Update Club Admin Contacts.
o Email Meredith with changes.
12) Feb 16th Mandatory – for ALL admin.
• February 16th we will discuss, player who wish play up or down waivers and executive board will vote.
o Bring those players and reasons to the meeting. In addition, submit online.
o Guidelines for playing up or down are updated under admin forms on website.
• Teams can only have 2 players play down and 1 player who is playing up.
• Elite Players, can never play down a grade level.

13) Misc.
• Registration is open!
• National Convention is coming up quick.
• May 20-21 – Dicks (cost increase)
• 6th is eligible for 6th grade ALL STAR
• Season Dates April 15th all rosters are DUE
• Spring Fling – U11 2 fields.




CGLA Board Meeting, February 18, 2016 at 7:00 PM

The Women’s College of the University of Denver

Introductions were made around the room

Misty informed the room that our current VP stepped down, we are looking for a new VP

Minutes from last meeting were approved

Treasurer’s report was given by Amy Lane

  • 39,852 in bank account
  • A few clubs still need to pay for this season; Amy will send receipts or invoices if you still need to pay
  • Amy asked for a new treasurer…process is changed, quickbooks online and a cpa checks books and reconciliations every month; separate set of eyes checking all money; and a second cpa does CGLA taxes every year

Convention update by Misty Huss

  • Half attendees and vendors showed; still a very active convention
  • Misty attended most administrative tracks; key concpets:
    • Age verification process, CYLA is already doing it, it is very easy; CGLA will look to do it next year to alleviate any age-related issues
    • Kirsten asked if some Mtn. Lax girls were being randomly checked for birth certificats along with USL renewal; other club admins said that it has happened to them too; Marc Luckett shared that it’s a USL temp worker to verify the birth cert that is sent in matches the registration process, it is a one-time action and no certificates are saved; you receive a certification card; Marc said it’s a small and limited roll-out
    • Amy asked what if they don’t match; Marc said it’s just the DOB that they look for; if it’s different, they go back and re-do the information unitl the document matches the certificate; Rod asked if they play-up and play-downs will be affected; Misty said we are going to clarify in the off-season; Marc clarified that it’s just a verification, it doesn’t affect our parameters for playing up or down
    • Athlete development model is huge; player triangle to player block; Misty presented the poster from USL that breaks down the age levels of cognitive understanding of the game; Marc Luckett shared that three new publications are coming out: player progression guidelines, small sided game progression, and a coaches package (season plans, practice plans, etc. for all age groups); should be out in the next few months related to the ADM and new publications; publications are available online now
    • Online education looks new, all are available; new online web content developer, be looking for new content on the website; LTP clinics are a huge push right now, are an easy way to get parents involved and trying lacrosse. CLF is looking to up the number of LTP clinics available. Meredith is certified to present LTP clinics to parents.


Kate: Update on Festival/NDP/Dick’s

  • Met with Eric Bole, formerly with the JBull riders association; had some amazing ideas for CGLA; and is very good at putting on events and making it a good event and a good experience for attendees.
  • 6 fields; 1 day 1 turf field too; still need to figure out divisions and who plays where/when; depends on registration still; tournament format for all ages, up to a vote later in this meeting
  • 1 trophy will sit in NDP office; winning teams get to take a photograph with the trophy; this is a boys tradition to take a team photo with the trophy, and each player gets a medal, same as boys but with a girl on it instead of a boy to generate equality
  • Vendors: want to have Harrow there; Eric is also looking for girls’s lax vendors and tournament t-shirts will be for girls too this year
  • NDP will do the scheduling for the tournament; Amy mentioned the tournament app that is $200, we will have the app to follow the teams/have weather updates, etc…worth the money
  • Will have a golf cart and trainers; play from 8a-8p; if weather affects play, lights charge is expensive; worker on each field to do score and timing; main tent receives all results; tent with ipads set up to be able to check and see on an ipad what is happening
  • Mike stears was not at the meeting; field prices are assuming to be the same as last year; next year field prices will go up; Mt States Toyota is still a sponsor and they are subsidizing the field cost
  • Single elimintation format; two game guarantee
  • A VP would be helpful to help secure sponsorships
  • Game schedule and festival schedule is on the website on the calendar

Frank: Officials report

  • Taking a different approach with the kids this year to referee; have more registered, went from 6 to 20. Typical inquiries from moms, dads, and kids, about what to do and deadlines; CGLA and CWLOA websites should be differentiated for adult and kid training sessions. Classroom training is March 6 for springs and Denver;  and on field training is March 13 in the springs and in Denver TBD. 8am March 6 for officials training; also getting adults that have missed all trainings but still want to officiate; still may have some more new adult officials that will direct to MS and youth games since they are late.
  • Rules continue to baffle and befuddle according to Frank. Rules will be a work in progress throughout the year. Two things that concern: separating new coaches training from old coaches; appear to be allowing to skip coaches, rather than having all coaches hear all the same information at one training. Rules interp is online and available for all to view; Frank is concerned about Q&A that happens in person that MIA coaches will not hear. Amy suggested to viedo the Q&A with Frank at DSST and post that onkine somehow so that all coaches in CGLA hear the same thing. Frank is mainly concerned about consistency.


Misty: Conflict Resolution

New page on the website; Misty reviewed conflict resolution procedure; if the conflict involves officials, then Frank must also be notified. If no resolution can be agreed upon admin-admin, then Kate and Misty are brought in; and Meredith as well.

Recap of Mountain Teams by Kate:

  • Vail is back
  • Steamboat is back
  • Summit has not registered yet
  • Mountain groups are doing more weekend tournaments; seeded into the season end tournament

Kelly Kennedy

  • Has been getting calls about finding homes for “orphan” players; this is an issue, it happens every year; wants admins to communicate early in the registration process to consolidate and help find homes for players; she will take point on helping players and admins to find kids a place to play
    • Wants to develop a system to create teams better and easier amongst clubs;


Playing Up/Down

  • Kate mentioned playing up/down clarification, on the website, there is a playing up waiver that parents must sign to be covered for liability purposes; if you have to play down, you have to send Kate the names of no more than 3 kids; USL info and explanation of the situation
  • When you send roster, coaches ed., you also send waivers
  • Annie N. asked about borrowing players to make teams work, etc.…Kate replied that we’ve had concerns about sharing rostered players and moving kids and at season tournament time, there will be no accommodation of schedule; Kate personally thinks that moving kids between teams is not a good idea. Misty said, coaches need to be nice, play nice, make it work.

Cody: Schedule

  1. Registered teams, confirm and double check
  2. Email address to use is
  3. Goal is to have first draft to admins by March 11; Marrch 16 back to Cody for corrections; schedules go live March 25, first games April 9
  4. Melissa sent an eemail for field information; must fill that out to host home games
  5. Another email for scheduling requests; sent to Cody for issues specific to teams due by March 1; field availability is also due March 1
  6. 2 games at every field is the goal for Cody; games start at 9am; every 1hr 15min
  7. Travel: extremes will not travel; 7v7 teams are grouped geographically; U8/9 will probably play alternating week double-headers with bye weeks; U11 7v7 will play a double header week and a bye week probably
  8. U15 Gold there’s only 5 teams; Aspen should be gold, which makes 6.

110 teams registered as of tonight

Forfeiting/Refuse to travel

  • Misty: If you forfeit a game because you don’t want to travel or you are a no-show, you forfeit your seed/placement at the festival
  • Kirsten asked about weather re-schedules and teams that do not put effort into re-scheduling; Meredith said that is a reportable issue for conflict resolution if teams do not travel, re-schedule, or respond; Misty said there needs to be responsibility, non-travel is not an excuse
  • Forfeit scores are reported as 1-0
  • Misty made a motion: if a team forfeits by no-show during the regular season for any non-weather related issues, the team forfeits their right to participate at all in the year end tournament; with no refund:
    • Aye: all but one
    • Opposed: one
  • Misty made a motion: if you go to your game and you are short players, you should either borrow players to play full field; or play short and the opposing team matches what you have;
  • CYLA has a rule that less than 8 is a forfeit automatically; Meredith mentioned that maybe if you have a 12v12 game, less than 8 is a forfeit; if it’s 7v7 with less than 5 is a forfeit; Frank quoted the rule book, that any number up to 12, technically you can play with any number, if you put a number on it, you are conflicting with the rule book.
  • Marc suggested we draft an idea and send it around to get clarification before an official motion is made; Misty wants to mandate procedures for players ensure coaches play nice; Frank warned of the slippery slope for the moving parts of this. Marc volunteered to draft a motion.
  • Hawks stated they will not have 2 U15 teams so the vote about swinging players will not actually happen.
  • Robin from Patriots asked about having some of her girls swinging from U13 to U15.
  • Rod expressed complaint about re-thinking the vote; expressed that CGLA needs to address the issues with the clubs that are not meeting expectations.

Kate: Executive Director’s report

  • April 8: Admin’s must send roster forms; under teams_>Admin forms>
  • Coaches’ tracking information also due to Kate by April 8
  • Field Sizes: U9,10,11 purple: restraining line on one end becomes the goal line; makes the field ¾ length
  • PCA
  • Registration went well, very few late registrations, 2/19 is the drop-dead date for registration


Mandatory coaches training: March 6 (3D USL Level 1 and DSST for returning coaches); coaches also need to do a booster course every 3 years

  • USL is walk-up registration only, there is no online pre-registration; cost is subsidized and is FREE for all new coaches;
  • Kate took estimates for coaches that will attend USL Level 1: total is
  • Frank has extra rulebooks, can provide for free
  • Kate did an admin training that went well
  • If you have changes with coaches, notify Melissa for coaches directory; Frank will send out info for CWLOA officials

6th grade All Stars

  • is returning in its old format; Marc Luckett; camp is June 1-3; play June 4 at CA
  • 7th graders from this year could have the option to include them


Spring Fling March 13 at Lorenz, $100 per team; Amy had an idea for 3by to be going on at Spring Fling, in between games or before or after; Guy Serrasole could facilitate 3By; he is also working with  a company out of Boulder that does combine testing too; add a little something to Spring Fling

                Is there a live reg link for Spring Fling? Amy will do this weekend.

                Youth officials training, how do they register? Frank registration forms are all on website: www.cwloa.com

                Weather related cancellations, must follow the process; want to keep cody happy; talk to admin first about weather issues; make up games are set for April 24 and May 13; week’s notice for re-schedules

                New admin pay attention to consequences for poor behavior; waiver forms for playing up are mandatory

                Conflict res sheet; remember code of conduct must be signed and kept on file with you as the coach

                Gold Stick: we are moving closer to becoming aligned and approved as gold stick with CGLA; USL called out CGLA at convention about how we hold a really high standard within our organization and were complimented


New Business:

                U9 and up moving to tournament style bracketed play; Amy mentioned the reason we are talking about it based upon feedback that we’ve gotten from parents about older girls playing championship style vs. the younger girls only playing festival format rather than championship; and then we could call the whole thing a championship rather than a festival.

                Kelly made a motion to make all divisions play a championship format; second by Pueblo; all voted aye; Marc Luckett from CM voted no

                At festival, would request PCA helpers to walk around and encourage positive support and play

                Misty suggested do we need to have roster checks at the beginning of the game; the group said NO, too time consuming. Each coach should always be carrying a paper copy of their roster at the game.

                Marc. L moved to adjourn; Lisa S. second.





 CGLA Board Meeting, November, 2015 at 7:00 PM

The Women’s College of the University of Denver

Treasurer Report
Amy Lane- $14,000+ in savings
  Cost to Run- $9000 fields, schedule and cost of running,
    Ref Fees are additional
  $20000 a year in ref fees
 Cost To Run festival at Dick’s
   Cost to run- $9200-$13000
   Harrow- Do T-shirts, additional revenue
   $600 per field- 7 fields on day, 6 other day
   Vendors will help lower price
   Ballpark of what it will cost us, will cost about the same to go to Dick’s
 Bottom line
   Took in $77000, Paid out $67000
   Net Revenue $10000
   Last year net- $4000
 Prices may go up… CGLA in the process of renegotiating with Dick’s Sporting Goods Park
  Kate- Admin fees for NDP in 2015 $713 per field per day… Do we nickel and dime…
  Rod- They don’t negotiate. Fee’s may go up…
  Misty- Mountain State Toyota sponsorship contract is up after this year, we do not know         if they will continue
  Rod- Not on, but not sure?

New Club Application
 Steamboat Springs
  Lisa Schimek- Wants to do what we do with Vail
   Come down two weekends and do double headers and then play in tournament
  Mark L. Moves to accept Steamboat
   All accept. No decline
  Who wants to mentor Steamboat?
   Mark Luckett accepts
  They need to attend the new club training in January and February meeting.
PCA Position
 Still Open
  Meredith Miller accepts
   Marc Luckett accepts her. Everyone in favor
Update on Tournament-
 See above


Officials Report
 Frank Bailey
  Guest- Michelle Secor
1. Mouth guards- Please get ones that fit
2. Cannot be clear or white. Cannot have graphics of teeth
3. Ears pierced- Please get them after the season. You cannot tape jewelry.
NO exceptions on jewelry
Discussion on New Rules
 See Notes
 7v7 for U9 and U 10, U11 teams for 2016 will have the choice of 7v7 or 11v11, 2017 all U11 and under will play 7v7- voted- passed.
Uniforms- Home- light and Away- dark
 Reminder- All clubs must be compliant to the new uniform rules
 Annie- Sty Lax has a great price on reversible
Put in notes- Reminder all uniforms must be compliant
3 Seconds- Adopting for U9
Possession after goals- U9 they switch
Head Coaches Certified
 Do we want to mandate this for 2016 or 2017?
  Online and PCA minimum.
  Level 1 is strongly recommended.
 CGLA- Strongly recommends background checks on all coaches
 Should the March Coaches training become a Level 1 clinic?
  For those with Level 1, we have an “advanced” clinic or rules interpretation
 Motion to not mandate the coaches be Level 1 certified
  3 opposed, 12 for- Passes
  CGLA strongly recommends it
Mission Statement
 Need to re-write
  Growth, enjoyment, long term players
   Misty going to refine it…
Executive Director
 Rehash the green sheet
New Business
Meredith Miller
  If you miss a majority of games, you can’t make playoffs…
   If you miss 4 of the 6 games at the jamboree, you don’t get festival schedule.
  Cody- Should you fine them
  Marc- Should be a call to the Executive Director
  Enforceability- maybe not possible… But she should have some rules regarding it.


CGLA Board Meeting, October 1, 2015 at 7:00 PM
The Women’s College of the University of Denver

Board Members present:
Kate Dresher, Executive Director
Amy Lane, Treasurer, DLC
Chris Cosentini, Secretary

Club Administrators present:
Gerry Hinderberger, Delegate for RGL Grizzlies
Kelly Kennedy, Thunder
Steve Cervi, Pueblo Heroes
Paula Manzanares, Loveland Titans
Misty Huss, Loveland Titans
Megan Dekutoski, Stapleton Electras
Jason Erbeck  - S.JeffCo Coyotes
Cody Aidala, SSPR
Kristy Thomas, Hawks
Jason Wallace, Delegate for Patriots
Kirsten Hollander, Mountain
Laura Fletcher, Havoc
Melissa Rausch, Bandits
Robert Weinstein, Hawks
Marc Luckett, Cheyenne Mountain
Dean Legatski, Cougars
Annie Nicholson, BVLA
Rebecca Schoegl, Mustangs

Meeting Minutes

1.     Welcome/Call to order
•    Introduction of Executive Board members present
•    Introduction of Delegates/Sign-in sheet
•    Motion by Kelly Kennedy to approve the minutes from the June 9th meeting, 2nd by Marc Luckett, motion approved.
•    Kate discussed the open positions for CGLA Board:M President, Vice president, secretary, and treasurer.
•    Misty Huss (from Titans) interested in being the president.  Misty discussed her interest in being president, her past organizational experience. Marc Luckett moved to vote on Misty as President and Dean Legatski 2nd, Misty voted in as President.
•    Robert Weinstein from Parker Hawks presented his interest in the VP position as did Melissa Rausch, Melissa also interested in Secretary role. Misty Huss moved to vote on Robert for VP, Melissa 2nd, Robert voted in as VP.
•    Amy moved to vote Melissa in as Secretary, Kate 2nd, Melissa voted in as Secretary.
•    Amy Lane discussed the Treasurer position: have a CPA tax accountant to file taxes and 501(c)(3) paperwork, have put the books on quick books on-line with USBank, having balance sheet created monthly by a third party bookkeeper. Treasurer is responsible for determining which officials require 1099 statements and getting that to CPA who files the 1099’s, also moves money to Arbiter for the ref pay. 
2.    Harrow- Johnny Garmatz presented the team discounts available to CGLA clubs, discount to CGLA is on top of team discount.
3.    Treasurer’s report – Amy Lane
•    Budget update
4.     Official’s report – Frank Bailey -Fall officials training dates.  How do we increase the pool of officials and increase the accountability of Jr. Officials? CWLOA needs help recruiting officials, need more adults and need to use resources better through better scheduling. Frank will work with the CGLA scheduling committee to help create a schedule more attractive to officials. Training dates, times and places for all levels of officials on http://www.cwloa.com/. Frank will do a one-time youth ref training on March 6 in class and March 13 on field.
5.    Frank discussed the new rules 
•    CGLA needs to vote on whether they will be enforcing the uniform requirements of USL.
•    New guidelines for optional headgear have been devised and will be available in 2017
•    Face paint no longer allowed, altering the stick with adhesive tape will be regulated by officials, mouth guards must be solid colored with no teeth
6.    PCA Ambassador – Need to fill
7.    CLF Update – 10/18/15: PCA clinic, Joe Erhmann seminar, Hall of Fame 10/17/15, upcoming training for parents that want to coach a Learn to Play for adults – Nov. 7.  
•    Level 1 – Oct. 24 – CO. Springs, TBD
•    Level 1 - Oct. 25  - Alexander Dawson School
•    Level 1 – Nov. 14 – Grand Junction
•    Level 2 – Nov. 15 – Grand Junction
•    Level 2 – early Jan. in Metro Denver (TBD)
8.    End of season tournament with CYLA at DSGP.  This needs to be a long-term commitment, not a yearly discussion if we move forward.
•    Work in Progress.
•    Dates May 21/22
•    Robert Weinstein made a motion to approve CGLA to negotiate with CYLA for the a joint CYLA-CGLA end of season tournament. Motion 2nd by Misty and all approved.
9.    Executive Director’s report
•    Calendar
•    Game dates: April 9, 16, 23,30 ~ May 7, 14 or dates on the calendar????
•    6th grade All Stars ~ selective kids voted by coach or team? 2 days of training/round robin in early June.
•    Turkey Shoot
•    Outreach clinics
10.    Breakout Sessions:
A.    Scheduling – Cody Aidala will be the CGLA scheduler for 2016. The group discussed problems with how things went in 2015 and below are the goals for scheduling in 2016:
•    Coordinate U9/U10 games and full field games so age groups are back to back
•    Weather field closures – set up text alerts in League athletics for field changes
•    April 24th and May 15th (Sundays) designated for weather make-up games at Lorenz for teams that can not find open fields 
•    Increase fees to cover the cost of make-up fields

B.    Future of CGLA – to discuss the role of CGLA in the growth of lacrosse in Colorado. 
•    Discussed need to revise the mission statement, need to stress promoting “love of the game”, recreational and growth of athletes
•    How can CGLA support clubs, which in turn support the coaches?
•    Establish sportsmanship awards to be given out at the end of season tournament
•    How can we support the high school teams?
•    How can we help CWLOA – training for officials of other sports are available for continuing education credit and some are given for credit at Metro state, can we help with women’s games and organization “after high school”? 
•    Organize and create by-laws to allow incorporation of competitive level clubs within next 5 to 10 years


CGLA Board Meeting, June 9, 2015 at 7:00 PM

The Women’s College of the University of Denver

Board Members present:
Kate Dresher, Executive Director
Anne Nicholson, President, BVLA
Amy Lane, Treasurer, DLC
Teresa Cummins, Vice President
Chris Cosentini, Secretary


Club Administrators present:
Lora Franz, Grizzlies (formerly Rangers)
Kelly Kennedy, Thunder (formerly Panthers)
Paula Manzanares, Loveland Titans
Sierra Wagner, Stapleton Electras
Ashley Allis, Cherry Creek Bruins
Jason Erbeck  - S.JeffCo Coyotes
Cody Aidala, SSPR
Kirsten Hollander, Mountain
Kristy Thomas, Hawks
Robin Moran, Patriots
Inger Johnson, Laura Fletcher - Havoc
Chris Harren - Bandits
Kristy Thomas – Hawks
Meeting Minutes
  1. Welcome, call to order, introductions
  2. February 12, 2015 meeting minutes approved
  3. Discussion on board members leaving and need for new volunteers to join the board.
  4. Sara Noon, USL Chapter representative - discuss new apps for USL; age verification coming to USL app. Discussed Little League Lacrosse/World Series of Youth Lacrosse at U13 level for boys happening at DSGP with the final at Mile High. Also discussed the learn to play curriculum for parents and coaches.
  5. Amy – CLF convention dates 10/17 and 10/18.
  6. Scheduling committee report, stressed clubs not using the procedures to reschedule and input new game information and request officials. Need to get admins using the procedures and not have coaches contact the scheduler or assignor directly. Recommend a new scheduler.
  7. Cody Aidala agreed to be the 2016 season scheduler.
  8. Discussed central fields, double headers on central fields, possible need for Sunday games. How to schedule around spring break or not.
  9. Officials – training in the fall, high school girls and Sr. officials, look to other tournaments for training opportunities and for Sr. officials to mentor youth.

Executive Director provided a recap of the season and CGLA events. Looking forward she discussed the need to look at the Mission of CGLA and the status of girls lacrosse and consider what the role of CGLA in Colorado lacrosse should be.

Other Questions to be tackled in the 2015/2016 Season:

  • U12 Silver and gold move to modified checking?
  • Add U8?
  • Silver and gold for U11?
  • Schedule geographically?
  • How to recruit adult officials and maintain commitment from HS officials?
  • Plan the festival with CYLA or not?
  • Recruit VP for fund raising, President, PCA representative


CGLA Board Meeting, February 12th, 2015 at 7:00 PM

The Women’s College of the University of Denver

Board Members present:

Kate Dresher, Executive Director

Anne Nicholson, President, BVLA

Amy Lane, Treasurer, DLC

Teresa Cummins, Vice President

Chris Cosentini, Secretary

Club Administrators present:

Marc Luckett, Cheyenne Mtn

Don Bryant, RGL Grizzlies (formerly Rangers)

Kelly Kennedy, Thunder (formerly Panthers)

Misty Huss, Loveland Titans

Alivian Jorgenson, Stapleton Electras

Ashley Allis, Cherry Creek Bruins

Neil Mellberg, Jason Erbeck  - S.JeffCo Coyotes

Cody Aidala, SSPR

Brian Bornhorst, Spartans

Karen Brown, Storm

Kirsten Hollander, Mountain

Meredith Miller, SoCo

Karen Brown, Storm

Kristy Thomas, Hawks

Robin Moran, Patriots

Kimberly Slotnik, MSC

Inger Johnson, Laura Fletcher - Havoc

Heather MacPhie, Chris Harren - Bandits

Dean Legatski, Cougars

Adam Kennedy, Elizabeth Love – Heroes

Laura Fletcher, Havoc

Lisa Shimek, PPL

Meeting Minutes

  1.  Welcome/Call to order
  2. Introduction of Executive Board members present
  3. Introduction of Delegates/Sign-in sheet
  4. Motion to approve the minutes from the Nov. 6, 2014 meeting/approved
  5. Don Bryant spoke about the try-outs for the Brine National Tournament
  6. Matt Kelly of the Denver Outlaws offered girls nights at the Outlaws games, to play pregame and at half-time; June 20, July 19 and 25.
  7. Johnny Garmatz from Harrow gave details on the team apparel and team pricing also pricing on game balls.
  8. Johnny Garmatz gave a scheduling update warning that not all special requests will be honored and that coaches should note if they are coaching more than 1 team.
  9. Amy Lane gave the treasurers report – have $21K in the bank and only 40 teams registered.
  10. Teresa Cummins discussed our sponsorship from Harrow, Sports Authority and Dicks.
  11. Annie Nicholson discussed putting the 3 strike rule in the By Laws.
  12. Marc Luckett discussed the Gold Stick Program and standards
  13. Frank discussed coaches identifying the sideline manager to the officials and to email Frank if a team doesn’t have a sideline manager. The sideline manager should come out on the field at the start of the game. Get coaches to work with officials to recognize sideline managers.
  14. Lisa is looking for ideas from parents and coaches on how to honor the game through recognition of exceptional parent or player.
  15. Frank discussed the emphasis on reducing physicality of the game 3 points of emphasis for 2015:
  • Sportsmanship
  • Dangerous aggressive fouls
  • Offensive fouls

Also will be enforcing the uniform rules.

  1. Discussion on 8th grade refs needing support, have to be 2 yrs older than age officiating. CGLA would agree to allow 8th graders on the field with an older ref. Motion to approve, seconded by Marc L. and voted 15 to 8 to approve. With the purpose being to have thebe the second official on the field.
  2. Looking at ways to use Arbiter to get feedback on refs.
  3. Frank offered to arrange for officials to come to parent meetings to explain the rules.



Executive Director Report, February 12, 2015

1 Communication with me:  Phone 303.777.5103 (weather line) or school 303.524.6330

 PO Box 201495  Denver, Co  80220

2 Record keeping forms sent to Kate by April 2nd.  Clubs will forfeit games until rosters with US lacrosse numbers are received. Standardized roster form (admin forms on website).  Name, birth date and US Lacrosse number for each player.

 Plus Club Coaches tracking form ~ coach’s education/PCA/concussion test

  • US Lacrosse membership
  • Background check - recommended
  • Training online or live field
  • PCA
  • Concussion test – ww.cdc.gov/concussion/headsup/online_training.html – a;; head coaches must take it and pass.

3 Field size for U 9 and U10 -  Draw example using restraining line as goal line

4 Field Consolidations

5 US Lacrosse Sportsmanship card – each club responsible - Lisa

6 Registration closes February 20th.  Late fee per team of $50 starts on February 21-25th

7 Coaches Meeting on Sunday March 8th at DSST (mandatory) unless completed live field Level 1 or Level 2 in 2014 or attended the USL or Colorado Convention in past 2 years.

  • CU coaches and players will facilitate.  Rules interpretation –Frank.
  • 12:30 check in.  1:00-4:00.  On field and classroom sessions

 8 All HEAD coaches must have US lacrosse rulebook.  Highly recommend Youth Rules and Best Practices GUIDEBOOK for girls.

9 Admin training meeting.

10 Club updates:

  • Review and correct field directions
  • Directory update of coaches names and cell numbers to Chris.
  • CWLOA will prepare an officials directory - Frank

 11 End of Season Festival/Tournament

  • Dates and site:  Saturday May 16th  and Sunday May 17th .   Stay tuned for details. 8 am-8:00pm.  Fields at Foothills Park and Rec- Schaefer & Easton Fields
  • CGLA Recognition Awards
  • HONOR the GAME weekend -Lisa

 12. 6th Grade All Stars

  • Need (4) interested coaches to coach the 4 teams
  • All Star Camp June 2/3/4 at Lorenz park from 5-7:00pm
  • All Star games on Saturday June 6th at Colorado Academy.

 13. Spring Fling

  • Sunday March 15th at Lorenz Park from 11-4:00 ~ 4 fields
  • U11 – U15 teams welcome.  Full Field.
  • Youth officials have on field experience before the season begins.

14.  Youth Officials training – Frank – March 8th at DSST

15. Make Up games due to weather related cancellations

  • Talk to your admin first
  • A weeks’ notice is required
  • Email Frank to make sure official available
  • Email Joe with changes for the schedule/website.   Schedule.Tjj@gmail.com
  • Look to reschedule later in May as more adult refs available
  • Contact Kate if problems arise.

 16. Guidelines for 2015-Review and modify

17. Code of Conduct for parents and coaches to be signed and kept on file with club admin

18. US Lacrosse Handbook for parents – highly recommended

19. US Lacrosse Gold Stick Program

  • Adhere to US lacrosse rules
  • By-Laws and communication system with clubs
  • Player safety and sportsmanship
  • Screened, trained and Certified coaches
  • Trained and Certified US lacrosse officials
  • Safety and risk management
  • All players, coaches and officials are US lacrosse members

20.  Motion to adjourn……..


CGLA Board Meeting, November 6, 2014 at 7:00 PM

The Women’s College of the University of Denver

Board Members present:

Kate Dresher, Executive Director

Anne Nicholson, President and BVLA

Amy Lane, Treasurer and CLF

Teresa Cummins, Vice President

Chris Cosentini, Secretary

Club Administrators present:

Marc Luckett, Cheyenne Mtn

Woody Boyd, RGL Grizzlies (formerly Rangers)

Kelly Kennedy, Thunder (formerly Panthers)

Paula Manzanares, Loveland Titans

Misty Huss, Loveland Titans

Rod Allison, City Lax

Devin Hogan, Stapleton Electras

Cory McCormick, Spartans

Brad Bierenkoven, Cherry Creek Bruins

Neil Mellberg, S. JeffCo Coyotes

Jason Erbeck, S. JeffCo Coyotes

Cody Aidala, SSPR

Karen Brown, Storm

Sascha Miller, Mountain

Amanda Walker, Mountain

Meredith Miller, SoCo

Inger Johnson, Havoc

Logan Bobzien, Bandits

Meeting Minutes

  1.  Welcome/Call to order
  2. Introduction of Executive Board members present
  3. Introduction of Delegates/Sign-in sheet
  4. Motion to approve the minutes from the Sept. 25th meeting

Amy Lane moved to approve, Marc Luckett Lane seconded: all approved.

  1. Discuss Harrow Sports sponsorship and team apparel/equipment offerings
  2. New Club Applications: Discussion on Warthogs: general consensus that the geographic area of the proposed Warthogs club duplicates at least 4 existing clubs.

 Meredith Miller, motion to deny Warthog club application; Neil Melberg second, all voted to deny.

 7.     Treasurer’s report – Amy Lane still looking for a volunteer to take over the treasurer’s role. Currently have $3k in checking account and $2K in savings. Net loss of $5K for 2014.  In 2014 spent $16,900officials payment; $3,293 payment to scheduler and $3,200 payment to official’s assignor. Amy predicts we can break even with 105 teams. This year the Turkey Shoot only had 20 teams participate. 

  1.  Scheduling Committee meeting update – members: Cody Aidala, Marc Luckett, Amy Lane, Meredith Miller, Kelly Kennedy, Kirsten Hollander. Committee to meet before end of 2014. Will try to schedule games based on geography and will scrutinize the silver/gold breakouts.

9.  Kate brought up the scant attendance at some of the learn-to-play clinics and asked the group if the All-City clinic was still relevant; discussion on where lacrosse is growing and how to reach new players. Possibly move a learn-to-play clinic to the mountain areas or to the North. Discontinue the All-City Clinic to support new geographic areas.

 Havoc will mentor the Titans.

  1.   Reminder March 8 coaches training will be on field and in classroom. Kelly Kennedy and Lizzie Rockmore will hold a special session for U9 and U10 coaches.  USL Level 1 coaches training March 14. See CGLAX.com, calendar of events for a link to register.

11. Please  - all girl’s lacrosse administrators:

  • Add to your address book;
  • Check your email frequently during the season, if you don’t hear from cgla check your spam folder.
  • Check the calendar so you know the deadlines for registration and when the draft schedule will be out; we will need your timely review and comment.

Meeting Adjorn

 Next meeting February 12.

Team registration and payment due February 20.


MARCH-TBD– Mandatory Board meeting all clubs must be represented to read through the schedule (location TBD).



CGLA Board Meeting, September 25, 2014 at 7:00 PM

The Women’s College of the University of Denver

Board Members present:

Kate Dresher, Executive Director

Anne Nicholson, President and BVLA

Lisa Shimek, PCA and Pikes Peak Lacrosse

Amy Lane, Treasurer and CLF

Teresa Cummins, Vice President

Chris Cosentini, Secretary


Club Administrators present:

Marc Luckett, Cheyenne Mtn

Don Bryant, Rangers

Jack Englert, Panthers

Paula Manzanares, Titans

Misty Huss, Titans

Rod Allison, City Lax

Hayley Reddish, Stapleton Electras

Cory McCormick, Spartans

Brad Bierenkoven, Cherry Creek Bruins

Michelle Vance, Valor Highlands (new pending)

Mike Lensing, Warthogs (new pending)

Neil Mellberg, Coyotes

Jason Erbeck, Coyotes

Dean Legatski, cougars

Cody Aidala, SSPR

Catherine Rollhaus, MSC

Kirsten Hollander, MSC


  1. Welcome/Call to order

  2. Introduction of Executive Board members present

  3. Introduction of Delegates/Sign-in sheet

  4. Motion to approve the minutes from the June 10th meeting

    Lisa Shimek moved to approve and Amy Lane seconded: all approved.

  5. Discuss potentially interested new club admins:Talk a bit about your mission and purpose for starting a girl's program.

    • Michelle Vance-Valor/Highlands Ranch

    • Misty Huss - Loveland

    • Kyle Nielsen - North Denver Lacrosse

    • Billy Gradl- APEX PD Lacrosse

  6. Statement of the President

    • Administrative matters to address in breakout sessions

      1. Scheduling – try to have double-headers to end season early?Geography & cluster games by location?Rescheduling games-procedure.Neutral sites??

      2. Fundraising – sponsors, need new ideas

      3. Coaches conduct & consequences; how to get club admins to participate in meetings

      4. Due to increased operating costs do we raise the dues for 2014-2015 5%??U9/U10 was $415 would be $440.U11/U12 was $520 would be $545.U13/U15 was $550 would be $575.Discussion/vote

        Marc Luckett spoke in favor of the dues increase and moved to vote on it, Dean Legatski seconded the motion. Vote was taken, one against and 15 in favor of increasing dues.


  7. Vice President’s report – Teresa Cummins – spoke about using the breakout session to brainstorm ideas for fundraising. Also asked for a volunteer to work with her on CGLA fund raising

  8. Treasurer’s report – Amy Lane did not have current budget update, presented information from the end of the 2013 season.Still looking for a volunteer to take over the treasurer’s role.


    CLF Report - Amy gave the CLF report - she spoke about the upcoming November 1 and November 15 USLacrosse level 1 and level 2 training clinics at Regis University. These on-field clinics meet the requirements for CGLA training. All CGLA coaches must have level 1 training and all coaches must attend annual training. Coaches from 60 miles or more away can get a grant from CLF to stay at a hotel close to the site the night before.

    November 8 – CLF Hall of Fame dinner at Heritage Eagle Bend in Aurora. Devon Wills to be inducted.


  9. PCA Ambassador – Lisa Shimek –offered again to attend club meetings and integrate PCA into club meetings. PCA workshops not yet set for the coming year.


  10. Scheduling Committee meeting update – members: Cody Aidala, Marc Luckett, Amy Lane, Meredith Miller, Kelly Kennedy, Kirsten Hollander. The committee agreed to contract with Joe Garmatz again for 2015 and to work closely with him to review the schedule before it goes out to Admins. The committee will evaluate the division and the number of teams and work to better distribute the games geographically to ease transportation but to also try and group games to make it easier to schedule officials. The committee will develop the process for schedule changes.

  11. By-laws need to be updated, we need to create and agree on consequences for bad behavior by coaches and parents and missed meetings by admins.

  12. End of season tournament with or without CYLA much discussion on the options that CYLA has presented and their desire to move their tournament to the weekend after Memorial Day. Dean Legatski moved to vote on whether CGLA held the end of season with the CYLA or back to the former format of our own girls festival on the weekend of May 16 and May 17. Neil Mellberg seconded. The vote to hold the CGLA end of season tournament on May 16 and 17 was unanimously approved.

  13. Executive Director’s report was a quick go over due to time constraints.

    1. Outreach Clinics + Coaching Education – Adult Officials training to be scheduled by CWLOA in November

    2. Calendar on the website please read it.

    3. Devon Wills – CLF Hall of Fame – November 8th

    4. Thank you to scheduling committee- best with a number of eyes on the “ball”- Joe and sons coming back!! CHSSA is trying to NOT schedule high school games on Saturday.

    5. U9 and U10 mandatory coaches training-Lizzie Rockmore will coordinate.

    6. Turkey Shoot~ November 9th at Lorenz ~ U9/U10 = 5v5U11-U15= 7v7 (5 fields)

    7. National Convention ~ January 23-25 2015 Baltimore

    8. How to integrate with new and interested Mountain teams??

    9. December 10th – need a projection of teams/divisions to CGLA

    10. January 12th – CGLA registration open

BREAKOUT Sessions: the following is taken from the flip chart notes created by each group.

  1. Fundraising group – discussed sponsorships: Dicks, Sports Authority, Harrow, Lacrosse Unlimited. Vote to hold girls festival separate from CYLA frees us to have our own sponsors and vendors, discussed NDP, lax territory, food trucks and selling CGLA merchandise. Other avenues to sell merchandise at the Turkey Shoot and Jamboree.


  2. Scheduling committee plus other interested individuals discussed the U15 Platinum Division and all agreed – NO Platinum Division.Asked the scheduling committee to pay attention to geographical locations of games and teams, alternate home fields/games to help get officials, discuss with CWLOA possibility of opening up 8th grade to train officials.


  3. How to manage poor behavior of coaches/spectators??What can clubs do too better train their coaches and parents?? This group had lots of discussion on how to train coaches and officials to get coaches to not yell and lose the winning at all costs attitude. Officials need to be trained to use timeouts to approach both coaches during a game. Officials also need to report bad behavior to CWLOA and CGLA. CGLA needs to put a reporting form on the website for officials and others to use to report bad behavior.

    CGLA needs to develop a clear set of consequences for bad behavior and include it in the by-laws and create a committee to review reports and ensure follow-up.


    Next Board Meeting on Thursday November 6th at DU at 7PM .